This thing is all over the place. It needs direction

This blog is like a drunk behind the wheel. Where in the hell is it going? If you find out please let me know.


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First post from Droid X

Thought I would try posting from the Droid. So far so good.


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How may I help you?

I’ve been thinking about the title of this post lately. “How may I help you?” can go a long way. It automatically opens up dialog. It takes away tension. It says “I’m here to help”.

Today I’ll be going to local flea markets to look for junk. I’ll keep tabs on how many times I hear “How may I help you”


Physically You

Is it ok if I get physically sick around you, if my heart goes ape shit when you’re around, if I can’t look you in the eyes without being in wonder? Is it ok that you’re all I see in a crowded room and could really give a shit about the others? Is it ok that I love and adore you to no end? Is it o.k. if my mind shorts out because it knows that this is it, all chips are in and all bets are off?

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I discovered the steampunk genre the other day while hanging out with Kelly (from KCD), something I never knew existed until she said what it was. I was hooked immediately. Steampunk is odd for me. It doesn’t really seem to fit one mold. I fit it and it fits me. Steampunk is mechanical. Its science with a twist of fantasy.

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I have had many questions about transparency lately.  I haven’t written about it because if I hide people’s names, what happened and where am I still transparent?

Free from pretense or deceit
Easily detected or seen through
Readily understood
Characterized by visibility or accessibility or information especially concerning business practices.

Part of me says yes and the other part says no. How transparent do I want to get? What would I have to gain by it?

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Hey guys

Welcome to Rick’s Voice.  I have a lot to say, and wanted an outlet to say it.  I want to help people get where they want to go.  I want to throw ideas around in a big think tank that’s open for discussion 24/7.  I want your ideas on how to not only make this blog better, but each others’ lives better.

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